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Saeco HD8325/47 Poemia Class Manual Espresso Machine, Black


The Philips Saeco Poemia Manual Espresso Machine features a stainless steel boiler, a powerful 15-bar pump, and a pressurized crema portafilter for perfect espresso. A Pannarello steam wand allows you to froth milk perfectly, at the same time as a warming surface on top of the machine preheats your cups. The Poemia accepts ground coffee or prepackaged, single-serve shots for convenience.

Philips Saeco Poemia Top Manual Espresso Machine

Offers enthusiasts of traditional preparationeverything for a perfect daily espresso. View larger.

Pressurized Crema filter

Pressurized Crema filter

Cup warmer

Cup warmer

Convenient design for on a regular basis life

Ergonomic day-by-day

Produces Rich Crema and Aroma

Whether for a ristretto, an espresso, or a café crème, the Poemia's Top 15-bar pump pressure and patented portafilter makes optimal use of the brewing pressure to produce a true Italian espresso. With every use, the Poemia creates hazel-brown crema and extracts the ideal flavor from the coffee. The portafilter also has an Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pod adapter with filter basket, which enables you to use prepackaged, single-serve shots.
Pannarello Steam Wand for Frothing Milk and Hot Water

It's simple to prepare traditional frothed milk with the Poemia's steam nozzle--just insert the Pannarello steam wand into the milk and froth until it reaches the consistency you prefer. Regulate lights show when your Poemia is ready to brew or steam, so you'll be able to prepare a cappuccino or latte macchiato with the press of a button.

The nozzle is also a convenient source of hot water for tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages. The frothing tip can easily be removed for cleaning.
Ergonomic Design for Daily Use

This compact espresso machine features high-quality stainless steel front and black ABS housing for an ergonomic design you'll be able to enjoy on a daily basis. Whether you're refilling the instant coffee and water or emptying the filter and drip tray, you'll be able to have convenient, direct access to all containers.
Cup-Warming Surface Helps Develop Flavor

Conveniently store cups and glasses right on the machine and warm them up before use. Warming the cup helps develop the flavor of your coffee and keeps crema firm. The machine uses heat from the boiler to warm cups, adding to the machine's efficient operation.
Tested and Guaranteed

All Philips Saeco machines are tested with coffee. Even though they have been carefully cleaned, there might be some coffee residue in the machine. On the other hand, the machine is absolutely new, and it is strongly recommended that you read the instructions before use.

The Philips Saeco Poemia Top is backed by a limited one-year warranty.
What's in the Box

Philips Saeco Poemia Top Manual Espresso Machine, ground coffee measuring scoop, pod portafilter and adapter, removable water tank, and instructions.

Philips Saeco

Poemia Top
Manual Espresso Machine

At a Glance:

  • Pressurized filter and 15-bar pump for high-quality extraction

  • Pannarello steam wand for milk frothing

  • Compatible with ground coffee or single-serve ESE shots

  • Removable drip tray and water tank for easy cleaning

  • Cup-warming surface

Patented pressurized port filter guarantees a long lasting delicious crème
Uses ground coffee and easy serving espresso (e.s.e.) pods
Pannarello froths milk as you like
15 Bar pump
Stainless steel cup warmer
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